Censorship is a way to control what information is released to the pertinent party. This could mean everything from a school blocking access to a social media outlet to a government blocking access to multiple channels of media. It is a way to suppress information and maintain control of people. On a larger scale, this censorship can alter and change viewpoints so that division and anger can be incited. Politically this is a very strong move as it directs people into certain beliefs and the more censorship there is, the harder it becomes to find credible and factual sources. This can be seen during an election or when trying to sway a high-profile court case. Ethically, censorship and suppression of knowledge is highly troubling.

There are different forms of censorship that you perhaps haven’t considered. These include:

  • Moral Censorship – Pornography and extremely violent media are just some examples of what may be deemed as immoral and therefore be censored.
  • Military Censorship – This may include anything the armed forces deems valuable should it be seen by the enemy. This may sound obvious but can include censoring media that the local civilians have distributed. It can also include censoring journalists and the news that gets reported outside of the battlefield (including information meant for public consumption).
  • Political Censorship – This dangerous suppressing of information involves withholding political data and media that could alter a public viewpoint.
  • Religious Censorship – Censoring religious beliefs to attract or detract from a group may be included in this category. An example of this could be a cult with a dangerous mission.
  • Corporate Censorship – Corporate censorship is often distributed through the media to change the view of a company.

How is Censorship allowed to Persist?

With several types of censorship, you may be wondering why it is still allowed in society today. The answer is that a lot of money and power would be lost if some things weren’t censored. Sometimes the head of corporations work with government leaders and/or journalists to keep things flowing a certain way. The best way to protect and overcome censorship is to search for reputable sources and seek facts. When browsing the internet, using our free VPN service can help you bypass those restrictions but still carry out your business.

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