How You Can Be Affected

Living life without technology isn’t very feasible in modern society. Technology provides access to learning resources, communication tools, and connections all over the globe. We have several ways of connecting to the web with new devices and technology being developed every day. Unfortunately, there are people who see these tools as potential ways to steal, target, and destroy lives.

To help prevent people from becoming victims of these attacks, here are a few things to take into consideration:

  • Attacks via an unsecured Wi-Fi network connection. This method takes advantage of people using public places to work and browse the internet. Attackers will seek unsecured channels to gain access to files. To help prevent this, change your home WiFi password regularly .
  • Attacks via a malicious app installed on your smartphone. Most apps are fun and educational and work as they described. However, there are apps that promise deliver on one thing but once downloaded, they activate spyware and are able to access the things you’re typing such as your bank account information or travel plans.
  • Attacks via flaw or vulnerability in operating system. Each device has an operating system and unfortunately, many times the system has flaws. Updating your system and running the latest versions can help.
  • Attacks via email and spyware. These viruses can infect a computer fast, simply by clicking a wrong button. If you’ve never signed up for emails from the sender, delete the message. It’s likely a fake account posing as a real site (and often they are posing very well). Also, don’t open attachments if you don’t know who sent the email to you. If you get an email requiring further information and it doesn’t seem legit, gear up.
  • Attacks via an unsecured home network. Keeping your router locked and password protected will help with curb potential attacks. Additionally, updating your router as needed will release the tools to keep your system safe.

If you are aware of these steps and follow through as needed, you will have a better internet experience at a more consistent speed.

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